• HABITACT aims to create effective means of tackling homelessness at local level through European policy exchanges.
  • HABITACT pools expertise to allow for the joint development of common frameworks to address common challenges.
  • HABITACT induces a learning process between local authorities based on a practitioner-focused approach to European exchanges.
  • HABITACT aims to become a reputable source of expertise on local homeless strategies.


HABITACT policy exchanges will be supported and facilitated by European research and policy tools (such as the ETHOS typology of homelessness and housing exclusion). The expertise gathered within these exchanges will be disseminated widely through relevant HABITACT toolkits, publications and webtools. Current activities include hosting an annual seminar, organising local study visits, hosting annual peer reviews on local strategies, supporting cities to set up European projects on homelessness, examining possibilities for funding transnational cooperation, developing a HABITACT toolkit to develop effective local homeless strategies, publishing regular news bulletins with updates on local strategies, and much more.