HABITACT is a European exchange forum on local homeless strategies. It was launched with the support of FEANTSA (European Federation of National Organisations Working with Homeless People) in June 2009 by a core group of cities to develop European cooperation between local social policy administrations on tackling homelessness.

HABITACT was established in response to growing interest and demand for information on homelessness from local authorities across Europe. Support from the European Commission and patronage from the European Committee of the Regions will serve to further build cooperation to make progress on tackling homelessness.

EU Context

The European Commission presented a Communication on a "Social Investment Package for Growth and Cohesion" (SIP) on the 20th February 2013. The SIP analyses the social situation in Europe and sets out social priorities for the EU and European Member States. The package calls on Member States to prioritise social investment and to modernise their welfare states, and offers guidance to Member States on how best to use EU financial support to implement the outlined objectives. It emphasises homelessness as a priority for smart social investment. This new policy framework should stimulate Member States to do better on homelessness and reinforce the EU’s support and co-ordination in this area. In October 2013, the Committee of the Regions adopted an opinion on the Social Investment Package which makes strong references to the need for transnational cooperation between cities on the issue of homelessness.

Key dates

22 September 2017: European Observatory on Homelessness 12th European Research Conference on "Changing Profiles of Homelessness: Implications for Services" (Spain)